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biopic_tobias_mcgriffTobias has an eclectic background as a filmmaker, the author of Savannah Shadows: Tales from the Midnight Zombie Tour and Founder of Blue Orb Tours in Savannah, Georgia- named “Savannah’s Best Ghost Tour 2012” by The Destination Guide and the highest rated ghost tour on Trip Advisor for their flagship “Uncensored Zombie Tour” .

Currently based in Savannah, he is widely regarded as Savannah’s voice for all things strange in America’s Most Haunted City. In 2011, Tobias began post graduate studies in History at Oxford University and is a professional member of the Rhine Research Center. A former engineer with over 10 years’ experience in the science and technology field with the largest telecom in the United States, Tobias is a frequent guest on paranormal programming such as Coast to Coast AM with George NooryDark Matter on Sirius/XM with broadcast legend Art Bell and SYFY’s new original series Haunted Highway as a subject matter expert on scientific approaches to supernatural topics.

Tobias is also the host of the hit podcast Supernatural Science that can be heard on WTKS 1290 in Savannah, Ga just before Coast to Coast and on iTunes (keyword: Supernatural Science) and has interviewed such guests as Vatican trained exorcist Father Gary Thomas, Amityville survivor Christopher Lutz and psychedelic ethnobotanist Dennis McKenna, brother of the late Terence McKenna.

Recent film projects

701 – Full Theatrical Release (2014)

Pretty Slick

Lights over Leary

Modern Hauntings

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